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Hair Transplant

VIP Hair Transplant

Sac Ekimi

One of the most frequently used methods by people who have hair loss and baldness problems is VIP hair transplantation. Today, many people have hair loss problems and when hair loss becomes permanent, it results in baldness.

Currently, the definitive solution to eliminating the problem of baldness is hair transplantation, and with the development of technology and medicine, many different methods can be used in hair transplantation. VIP hair transplantation is one of the existing hair transplantation methods.

VIP hair transplantation is especially preferred by people who have a busy business life. But it can be applied very easily to almost everyone. In this method, with the help of technological devices, it is determined how many roots will be needed, where the hairline will start, and what kind of image will appear after hair transplantation. VIP hair transplantation is performed in a very comfortable and safe environment in our clinic, and then extremely successful results are obtained.

People who experience hair loss or face baldness can now find solutions to these problems with hair transplantation. Thanks to the development of technology, there are different methods in hair transplantation that give much more effective results. VIP hair transplantation, which is one of them, is one of the methods that can be easily applied to everyone and gives satisfaction with its results. This method is especially preferred by those who have a busy business life. Transactions are done with great comfort. With the help of technological devices, it is determined how many hair follicles will be applied, where the hairline will start and what kind of appearance will be obtained as a result. Although the satisfaction rate is high after the procedure, people can return to their social lives in a short time.

VIP Hair Transplantation and Treatments

Different techniques are used in VIP hair transplantation. It is determined according to the hair transplantation that the person needs. Here we can say the most advanced Robotic Hair Surgery and Manual FUE. In the first option, many details such as the hair follicles of the person, the space between the hair, the direction of exit and depth are determined with the help of 3D technology. Afterwards, robotic hair transplantation procedures are started. It has succeeded in minimizing the margin of error compared to the classical method. With robotic hair surgery. During this process, it does not harm the existing hair. In manual FUE, the grafts are taken one by one without leaving any scars in the donor area.

VIP Hair Transplant Processes

At this stage, people first meet face-to-face with the doctor who will perform the procedure. Determination is made at many points such as hair loss and baldness, hair structure and face shape. In this direction, methods are determined in the hair transplantation process. By determining the hairline, hair follicles are collected in the areas used as donors. At this stage, as mentioned before, manual fue and robotic hair surgery procedures are applied. 

Depending on the density of hair transplantation, the recovery time may vary. However, in general, the incision and other factors pass within 1-2 weeks. It is recommended that people rest for 3-4 days after the procedure. After the procedure, the hair can be protected from rain, snow, hats, etc. should stay away from wearing the products. Hair loss may occur in the 3rd week of the procedure. This is normal. In the 6th month after the procedure, people have an appearance as if they have not undergone any procedure.

What is the Recovery Process in VIP Hair Transplant Method?

After the operations performed with the VIP hair transplantation method, the recovery process may vary depending on the amount of transplantation. The main details are as follows:

  • Compared to other hair transplantation methods, VIP hair transplantation offers a much shorter recovery period.
  • After VIP hair transplantation, people should rest for 3-4 days.
  • Patients are suitable for work the day after the procedure, provided that there is no heavy work.
  • Patients need to be careful about precipitation (snow, rain).
  • Patients should not wear helmets and hats.
  • In the first two weeks after the procedure, attention should be paid to the treated areas. Sensitive skin will heal during this time.
  • Hair loss may occur in the third week.
  • When the sixth month is reached, the hair will recover in such a way that it is not clear whether there has been a procedure or not.

What Should Be Considered After VIP Hair Transplantation?

Some points should be considered after VIP hair transplantation. The most important thing is to wash the hair and 3 days after the treatment with special lotion and shampoo, the hair should be washed. Until the 10th day, the hair washing process should be continued every day, behaving harshly during washing, scratching should be avoided, and washing should be done in soft massages.

Until the hair is healthy and fully grown, it should not be exposed to the sun in any way, and the hair should not be exposed to sunlight. In our clinic, our expert staff successfully performs VIP hair transplantation and provides all necessary support before, during and after the operation.

Advantages of VIP Hair Transplantation

It has an advantage in every sense from the beginning to the end of the procedures compared to the classical hair transplantation method. 

  • In the classical method, the direction of hair growth and the hairline are determined by the doctor, while in VIP hair transplantation, this 3D technology is performed by minimizing the margin of error.
  • The healing process is faster than other methods. 
  • Although it is a method mostly preferred by business people, artists and athletes, it is applicable for everyone.
  • A comfortable environment is provided from the beginning to the end of the procedures.
  • The patient and the doctor continue to meet for 1 year after the procedure. During this period, the hair growth status is monitored.

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Serkan Sevilgen
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Muhammet Ali Bağcı
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