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Obesity Surgery

What is obesity? Why Should It Be Treated?

Obesity; It is a health problem that is increasing day by day all over the world and in our country. Obesity, defined by the World Health Organization as "fat accumulation in the body at a level that adversely affects health", is the disruption of the body's energy balance and an increase in body weight to a degree that impairs health, due to the energy intake being greater than the energy spent. More than 30% body fat in adult women and more than 25% in adult men is considered obesity. Obesity is more than a problem in itself; It is a disease that must be treated as it is an important risk factor that causes heart and blood pressure diseases, diabetes, kidney diseases, respiratory system diseases, joint diseases and sudden strokes. Obesity is a chronic disease that negatively affects a person's quality of life and increases the risk of death.

Obesity Prevalence

According to World Health Organization data, approximately 2.3 billion people in the world are overweight and 700 million people are obese. According to the same data, overweight and obesity It is responsible for 80% of diabetes, 35% of heart disease and 55% of hypertension (high blood pressure) in adults in Europe and causes more than 1 million deaths every year. It is known that at least 150 million adults in Europe are obese today.
According to Turkish Statistical Institute data, the obesity rate in our country was 15.2% in 2008 and reached 19.9% in 2014. The increase in the obesity rate in 6 years was 32.3% in women and 24% in men. According to the data of the Ministry of Health, one in every 3 women and one in every 5 men in our country has obesity disease, which must be treated. Unfortunately, Turkey ranks 3rd in the world in terms of obesity rates, after the USA and Iceland.

Obesity Treatment

ObesityIt is a disease that affects many organs in the body. Therefore, its treatment must be planned and carried out with a "multidisciplinary" approach, that is, with more than one branch working together in harmony.

Obezite hastalığının tedavisinde şu yöntemler kullanılmaktadır:

  • Medical nutrition (diet) treatment,
  • Medication,
  • Endoscopic treatments,
  • stomach balloon,
  • Laparoscopic obesity surgery (closed obesity surgery)

To whom is obesity surgery performed?

Closed obesity surgeries are an effective treatment method that has been widely used in the world and in our country in recent years. According to international criteria, body mass index (BMI)* is over 32.35 and you have an additional serious disease [such as diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea, joint diseases). ] or BMI* over 40 are recommended to undergo bariatric surgery.

What are Obesity Surgery?

Obesity surgeries It is an effective obesity treatment that has been widely used in the world and in our country in recent years. These surgeries not only help lose weight and achieve an aesthetic appearance, but also improve health and live a longer life. One of the important aims of obesity surgeries is to perform "volume restriction" by reducing the amount of food consumed and therefore the energy. The most common volume-restricting surgery is the gastric sleeve surgery. Another purpose of Obesity Surgery is to reduce the absorption of nutrients. In addition to volume restricting and malabsorption effects, there are also obesity surgeries that aim to make hormonal changes in the gastrointestinal system. Diabetes surgeries can be given as examples of these surgeries.

Stomach Reduction Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgeryIt is a surgical method with very low complications (undesirable developments after surgery) and side effects. Gastric sleeve surgery or stomach reduction surgery In this surgery, which is known as 'Stomach Surgery', the large edge of the stomach is cut out and a tube-shaped stomach with a volume of 60 - 120 ml (about 1 tea glass) is created. In this surgery, which takes an average of 1.5 hours, the large side of the stomach, which secretes the hunger hormone, is removed and the stomach volume is reduced, thus reducing appetite, becoming full more easily, and losing weight.

All Advantages of Stomach Surgery

  • Approximately 40% of their weight is lost permanently within a year.
  • Significant improvements are also observed in other obesity-related diseases.
  • Although the stomach volume has decreased, stomach functions are not impaired. Everything can be eaten, but one can be full in small portions.
  • The area of the stomach that secretes the hunger hormone is removed. Reducing the hunger hormone is an important factor in maintaining the feeling of fullness for a longer time and maintaining weight loss.
  • Since the muscle at the stomach outlet is protected and works actively, it does not cause nausea, vomiting, palpitations and fainting attacks.
  • Ulcer formation is almost never observed.
  • Since the small intestines are not intervened, it does not cause malabsorption. After gastric sleeve surgery, intestinal obstruction, intestinal wounds, anemia, vitamin and mineral deficiency, osteoporosis (bone loss), malnutrition and diarrhea are not observed. Gastric sleeve surgery is the first choice for people who are afraid of the liabilities of surgeries that remove part of the small intestines and cause malabsorption. It does not require lifelong or long-term medication use.
  • It is the first treatment option for people who are extremely obese (BMI>50 kg/m2).
  • It is surgery that has become widely preferred as the main treatment option for people below the extreme obesity limit (BMI 30-50 kg/m2).
  • It is the first choice in cases where there is excessive fatty liver.
  • As it can be performed laparoscopically quickly and easily, it provides the advantage of short surgery time and rapid recovery for people who have severe heart and lung problems due to excessive obesity.

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