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Hair Transplant

Sedated Hair Transplant

Sedasyonlu Sac Ekimi

With the help of developed technological devices, you can now experience a painless hair transplantation process. Especially for those who are afraid of needles and surgery, sedation hair transplantation includes a comfortable and painless process for people. The general opinion is that hair transplantation causes great pain as a result of needles and surgical interventions. These can happen in certain ways. However, thanks to the sedation method, people can have healthy and thick hair without feeling pain during hair transplantation. This method is also recommended for heart and blood pressure patients.

What is Sedation Hair Transplantation?

Sedated hair transplantToday, it is one of the hair transplantation techniques frequently preferred by people suffering from hair loss and baldness problems. Sedation is a method of anesthesia that can be used in many different medical procedures. Some surgical operations are performed with local anesthesia and some with sedation. Hair transplantation operations are one of them. Anesthesia methods that enable the person to undergo the hair transplantation operation painlessly and without any problems are one of the most important stages of the hair transplantation operation. Sedation also provides a much more comfortable and painless hair transplantation operation than local anesthesia. Sedation means administering medication into the vein with the help of a small catheter. Thanks to these medications, the patient calms down and the operation is performed.

Why is Sedation Used in Hair Transplantation?

Local anesthesia is usually applied in hair transplantation operations. However, in some cases, sedation is preferred in hair transplantation operations. It is possible to list these situations as follows.


  • In people with fear of needles,
  • In people with anxiety disorders,
  • In people with very low pain threshold,
  • In people with heart and blood pressure diseases,
  • Sedation is preferred for people with intense fear of surgery. In this way, people become intensely calm and relaxed. This makes the operation much more comfortable. In addition, if sedation will be applied during the hair transplantation operation, the person must stop eating and drinking at least 2-3 hours before.

How is Sedation Applied in Hair Transplantation?

Preparation for the hair transplantation operation is carried out as it should be and the patient is laid on the stretcher. Then, vascular access is opened with a thin catheter called a butterfly. The anesthetic drug mixture prepared in appropriate doses for the patient is administered to the patient intravenously. Sedation in hair transplantation takes approximately 1-2 minutes. Once the drug takes effect, the patient may become slightly drowsy. Then, one of the hair transplantation techniques that the doctor deems most suitable for the patient is applied and the hair transplantation operation is performed. Since the sedated patient is intensely sedated, he does not feel any moment of the operation and does not suffer any pain. The effect duration of sedation can be adjusted according to the duration of the operation.

What Should Be Considered After Sedation Hair Transplantation?

Regardless of the hair transplantation method, there are care and precautions that need to be taken personally after the procedure. In hair transplantation with sedation, it is necessary to create a routine as recommended by the doctor. In general, you should not sleep on your back for the first week. When cleaning your hair, you should choose the shampoos and lotions recommended by your doctor. These will need to be used for 2 weeks after the first wash after the procedure. Additionally, the water you wash your hair with should not be too hot or too cold. Do not apply pressure with a towel during the drying process. It is recommended to dry spontaneously. The dryer can be used at the lowest temperature and lowest speed. 

Benefits of Sedation Hair Transplantation

One of the biggest benefits of this method is, of course, that people get involved in the process more fearlessly. Because in other methods, procedures such as needles and incisions may cause fear for some people. Those who are afraid of seeing blood or have a needle phobia may not want to have a hair transplant, even if they need it. Thanks to the sedation method, both doctors and patients can go through this process more comfortably. While preparing the patient for the process, physicians perhaps encounter the most questions regarding surgical procedures. In this method, doctor-patient dialogues are free from these concerns.

Who Should Prefer Sedation Hair Transplant?

Sedation hair transplantation is one of the most ideal methods for those who have a fear of needles, pain and pain. Before the procedure, the patient is given intravenous anesthetic drugs. Thus, people do not feel any pain or ache during the procedures. Patients remain conscious during the procedure but do not feel pain. These sedative drugs can also be given through the nose. In addition to those with low pain threshold and needle phobia, it is also recommended to choose sedation hair transplantation for heart and blood pressure patients. 

Are there any advantages of sedation hair transplantation? 

First of all, we can say that this method is a method that does not have any disadvantages. It does not cause pain or a feeling of pain. This is not only an advantage for the patients, but also allows the doctor to perform the procedure more comfortably. It offers a comfortable process during and after the procedure for people with low pain threshold. There are no extra routines that need to be paid attention to after the procedure. Some products should only be used on doctor's advice. Lying on your back is not recommended. Patients pay attention to situations like these for a certain period of time. These are not the type that would reduce the quality of daily life.

How should patients prepare for hair transplantation with sedation (anesthesia)?

For hair transplantation using the anesthesia method, patients also have a preparation process before the procedure. Food consumption and fluid intake should be stopped at least 6 hours beforehand. Procedures should be entered with hunger. Additionally, smoking should not be consumed. Smoking reduces the effect of anesthesia and may also affect blood circulation.

Who is Suitable for Hair Transplantation with Sedation?

Hair transplantation with anesthesia (sedation) is ideal for those who are sensitive to needles and pain. This method is more like;

  • People with low pain threshold,
  • Those with anxiety disorders
  • Those with skin sensitivity,
  • Those who do not want to feel pain during the procedures,
  • Those who want the processing time to be shorter,
  • It is suitable for people with blood pressure and heart disease. 

What are the Stages of Sedation Hair Transplantation? 

In this method, which offers a comfortable space for the patient and the doctor at every stage, the procedures begin half an hour before the operation.

  • At the very beginning of the procedure, it is tested whether the person is allergic to sedation. 
  • The person's heart and blood pressure diseases and disease history are also investigated.
  • If the person is suitable for this process, the process begins.
  • Half an hour before the procedure, the patient is given light sedation through the vein. This ensures that the patient remains drowsy for the first half hour of the procedure.
  • With the effect of sedation, the doctor completes the procedure more easily with injections.
  • The patient does not feel pain at this stage.
  • Among the hair transplantation methods determined with this method, Robotic Hair Transplantation, Unshaved Hair Transplantation, DHI and Sapphire FUE hair transplantation etc. It is easily applied. 

Who Can Perform Hair Transplantation? Who Does the Team Consist of?

For hair transplants that will be performed under sedation, a stone-based health institution should be preferred. This procedure can be performed by plastic surgeons, dermatologists, hair transplant specialists and medical personnel who are equipped and experienced on the subject.

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