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Hair Transplant

DHI Hair Transplant

Sac Ekimi

What is Hair Transplantation with DHI Method?

DHI hair transplantation is one of the hair transplantation methods applied by people who have baldness problems due to hair loss. DHI hair transplantation, namely Direct Hair Implantation, is a fairly new technique that has been used especially since 2016. Hair loss can occur in people for various reasons. Regardless of the reason for the hair loss in question, it has become possible to have brand new hair with DHI hair transplantation. In the DHI hair transplantation technique, which can also be called the pen technique, hair transplantation is performed with the help of special medical pens called implanter or choi. With the pens used in the DHI hair transplantation technique, the hair follicles collected by the channel opening process can be placed at the same time. In this way, there is a serious reduction in the waiting time of the hair follicles in the external environment.

One of the aesthetically uncomfortable issues today is hair loss and the resulting sparse hair appearance. With hair transplantation methods developed for those who are uncomfortable with this appearance, especially men, the problem of sparse hair is now a thing of the past. DHI hair transplantation, one of the hair transplantation methods and the most preferred procedure today, offers many advantages compared to other methods. In this content, first of all, what is Dhi hair transplantation? We provide information about DHI hair transplantation price and application content, including questions.

How is Hair Transplantation Done with DHI Technique?  

In DHI hair transplantation, the area is first anesthetized with local anesthesia. Then, the hair follicles determined as donors are collected one by one, as in the classical hair transplantation technique. After the collected hair follicles or grafts are prepared for hair transplantation one by one, they are placed in the area where hair transplantation will be performed with the help of special medical pens. Since these medical pens have a very sharp and thin tip, they can easily insert the hair follicles into the area.

How is hair transplantation performed with the DHI technique due to the many advantages it offers to the person? The subject is frequently investigated by patients. Before moving on to the topic of how dhi hair transplantation is performed, it should be known that this procedure must be performed by doctors who are experts in the field under certain conditions. If your suitability for hair transplantation is confirmed after the preliminary examination, the treatment process begins. First of all, the hair follicles are examined and a detailed examination is performed and the condition is determined. Then, the procedure is started under local anesthesia and healthy hair follicles are applied to the area to be transplanted without opening the channel.


What are the Stages of DHI Hair Transplantation Method? 

For patients who are considering hair transplantation with the DHI method, we can list the stages of the DHI hair transplantation method as follows;

  • The hair structure is analyzed by the specialist doctor with high-resolution cameras and suitability for the procedure is determined.
  • Number of grafts etc. to determine the course of the application. detection and measurements are made.
  • In procedures that can be performed without shaving, the person is shaved if there is a high number of grafts.
  • After shaving, the hair transplantation areas and the hair front line are determined.
  • Local anesthesia is applied to the hair transplantation area and donor area.
  • Using the Choi Implanter pen, hair follicles are collected and placed one by one in the area to be transplanted.
  • Depending on the length of the procedure, treatment may be divided into multiple sessions.

What are the advantages of DHI Hair Transplantation? 

DHI hair transplantation, which is expressed as one of the new generation hair transplantation methods, brings many conveniences. Considering the convenience it provides during and after application, the advantages of DHI hair transplantation include;

  • No channel opening process can be performed for hair transplantation.
  • The treatment can be applied shaved or unshaved.
  • Local anesthesia is applied instead of general anesthesia, making it easier for the patient.
  • Thanks to the special choi pen, the application is one of the most risk-free hair transplantation procedures.

What are the Disadvantages of DHI Hair Transplantation? 

In addition to its many advantages, as with every procedure, some disadvantages can be seen in dhi hair transplantation. Disadvantages of DHI hair transplantation include;

  • Since it is an application that requires extreme care, it is important that the person performing the procedure is in high condition.
  • If the area to be transplanted is hairy, the tips of the Choi pen may damage healthy hair follicles.
  • It is a costly procedure compared to other methods.

Who can undergo DHI Hair Transplantation?

Although the problem of sparse hair is encountered in many people today, we should point out that not everyone among these people is suitable for hair transplantation. In this context, people suitable for hair transplantation who meet the necessary criteria for DHI hair transplantation are as follows;

  • For those with visible scalp and thinning problems,
  • All patients with male pattern hair loss,
  • People who have a sufficient amount of hair donors,
  • It can be applied to any patient who does not have any serious health problems.

Who Cannot Have DHI Hair Transplantation?

In order to avoid any complications after the application, DHI hair transplantation conditions must be met and appropriate conditions must be prepared for hair transplantation. Otherwise, DHI hair transplantation cannot be performed on patients who do not comply with the conditions. When considered in more detail, among the people for whom DHI hair transplantation cannot be performed;

  • Patients who do not have the number of grafts that can cover the balding area,
  • People with conditions such as Hepatitis C, HIV, diabetes and high blood pressure,
  • People aged 21 – 22 and under, 
  • Those who are congenitally balding to the extent that no hair can be found in the donor area.


When do the results of DHI Hair Transplantation start to appear?

As with all hair transplantation procedures, the time it takes to get the results of DHI hair transplantation varies from person to person. While the recovery period after the procedure is completed in approximately 10 days, the transplanted hair begins to fall out after the healing process. The hair, which rests for 3 months after the shedding process, begins to grow slowly at the end of the 3 months and the patient begins to see the results of DHI hair transplantation.

What are the Things to Pay Attention to After DHI Hair Transplantation?

There are certain points you should pay attention to after DHI hair transplantation in order to get high efficiency after the application or to avoid any complications. These;

  • During the healing process, the treated area should not be in contact with the pillow as much as possible while lying down.
  • When drying your hair, you should not put pressure on your hair with a towel.
  • Doctor's approval must be obtained for cosmetic products to be used.
  • After the procedure, care should be taken in accordance with the washing instructions in the short term.

Preparation Before Dhi Hair Transplantation

In order to create suitable conditions for DHI hair transplantation, the following preparation criteria should be taken into consideration before DHI hair transplantation;

  • The use of blood thinners should be stopped before the operation.
  • Alcohol and cigarette consumption should be stopped a few days before the operation.
  • Before hair transplantation, especially women, dye, henna, etc. applications should be avoided.
  • If there is a skin disease on the scalp, it should be treated first.

Healing Process After DHI Hair Transplantation

One of the most frequently asked questions by patients who will undergo DHI hair transplantation is when will normalcy return after the procedure? comes the question. Especially patients with a busy work schedule expect to be able to return to their daily lives as soon as possible. With its ease of application, the recovery process after DHI hair transplantation is extremely fast. The crusting and shedding that may occur on the scalp after the operation will heal within a few days, and the person will continue his life quickly and will not experience any difficulties during the period when new hair appears.

What are the complications of DHI Hair Transplantation Method?

DHI hair transplantation etc. The first point to consider in applications is to receive service from doctors who are experts in their fields in a reliable health center. Otherwise, some complications may occur after application. Unsuccessful DHI hair transplantation results and hair transplantation method complications include;

  • Since this procedure is a tissue transfer, there may be a risk of infection.
  • Edema or bruising may occur on the skin after the procedure.
  • Sudden hair loss may occur in the months after hair transplantation, which is extremely normal.

This etc. It should be known that the probability of complications is very low.

When to Take a Normal Shower After DHI Hair Transplantation?

Another important issue to consider after DHI hair transplantation is shower and hygiene. Your doctor will give you detailed information on this issue, which requires extreme sensitivity, especially during the healing process. However, in general, it may take some time to take a normal shower after hair transplantation. During this period, the scalp should be massaged with gentle movements while taking a shower and a special shampoo should be used for cleaning.

What are the differences between DHI Hair Transplantation Method and FUE Method?

Today, various hair transplant procedures have been developed to meet different needs and expectations. The most prominent of these procedures are DHI hair transplantation and FUE method. So, what are the differences between the DHI hair transplantation method and the FUE method?

  • The first difference appears in the application phase. While DHI consists of two stages, the FUE method is generally a three-stage process.
  • Another difference is the number of grafts, while 4500 grafts are transplanted in the FUE method, this number is 2500 grafts in the DHI method.
  • Application times vary depending on the number of grafts transplanted.

How Many Years Does DHI Hair Transplant Last?

 After spending a certain amount of cost, time and energy, every patient demands a permanent image after hair transplantation. In this context, patients are curious about how long DHI hair transplantation will last. Although this period varies depending on the quality of application and the characteristics of the transplanted area, hair transplants generally last for 5 years. Of course, this period is extremely personal and it is not possible to give a clear period.

After Dhi Hair Transplantation

The first two days after hair transplantation are extremely important, where patients need to be careful and patient for a while. After these two days, which may be a certain amount of difficulty, the patient begins to relax and continue his daily life without any problems. At the end of the second day, after the check-up and washing under the supervision of a doctor, the healing process begins. In this process;

Dhi Hair Transplant 10 – 15 days later

There is an intense recovery period in the first two weeks. During this period, the crusts formed after the application begin to fall off and the wounds begin to heal. After the first 15 days, the sensitive period of recovery will be over.

Dhi Hair Transplantation takes between 1 and 3 months

The first few months after DHI hair transplantation are the period when shock loss occurs. The patient should be patient during this period and not worry after the spills occur. Shock loss should be seen as a sign of new hair.

Dhi Hair Transplantation takes between 3 and 6 months

In the first 3 to 6 months after shock loss, hair follicles begin to grow stronger in place. After the hair follicles become stronger, the first signs of growth appear.

Dhi Hair Transplant takes between 8 months and 1 year

In this period, which is about 1 year after the application, your hair will now grow longer and have a new appearance. In this period, which meets the expectations of the patients, the hair has an appearance that fascinates everyone with its length and thickness that can be shaped.

Dhi Hair Transplant Applications in Women

Although the first patients that come to mind when it comes to sparse and lost hair appearance are men, women can also benefit from hair transplantation procedures. Thanks to the DHI method, known as the unshaven hair transplantation method, female patients can receive hair transplantation services without compromising their appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Considering the before and after photos of hair transplantation, many patients are in demand for hair transplantation procedures. However, during this process, there are many points that come to mind for the patient. In this context, frequently asked questions and answers about the DHI hair transplantation method are below;

How long does hair grow in DHI hair transplantation?

Since it takes an average of 120 days for all hair follicles to produce new hair, your hair starts to grow after an average of 3 months. However, 1 cm of growth is observed every month. Approximately 1 year after the DHI method, the hair will grow an average of 6 - 7 cm. 

Does DHI hair transplant hurt?

Thanks to the local anesthesia applied in hair transplantation procedures, the patient does not feel any pain during the treatment process. During the procedure, you can spend a comfortable time watching TV, reading newspapers, books or listening to music.

How many grafts in DHI hair transplantation?

The number of grafts used in DHI application depends on the donor area. The nape root is generally preferred as the donor area, and depending on the density there, the number of DHI hair transplantation grafts may increase to 6000.

How many hours does DHI hair transplantation take?

Although the DHI process time varies depending on the number of roots to be transplanted, the average process time is between 10 and 12 hours.

FUE method or DHI?

Both types of transactions have different advantages and disadvantages. For this reason, it is not possible to give a clear answer to the question of FUE method or DHI method. You can talk to your doctor to decide which application will be effective for you.


Benefits of DHI Hair Transplantation to People

It is possible to list the benefits of DHI hair transplantation compared to other types of hair transplantation as follows.


  • The most important benefit of DHI hair transplantation method is that the healing process is much faster than other hair transplantation methods. Because holes are opened in the skin as wide as the hair follicle. This ensures that the operation results in the least damage.
  • Another benefit of DHI hair transplantation is that hair follicles are not kept for a long time after collection. In this way, the hair roots can remain much stronger.
  • Thanks to the special pen used in the DHI hair transplantation method, it is possible to direct the hair follicles more easily.
  • DHI hair transplantation method allows hair transplantation to be performed without damaging the existing hair.

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